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Tips for Successful Kitchen Remodeling

If you find yourself piling groceries on top of the refrigerator or losing kitchen tools in a junk drawer, it may be time for an upgrade. Relocating appliances and reworking a layout can help solve problems with sight lines, traffic flow, and storage capacity.Kitchen Remodeling

The building and installation phases include installing new flooring, framing walls, and hanging drywall. It also involves finishing off rough-ins for electrical and plumbing. Visit https://jrcsi.com/ for more information.

Whether your kitchen is large or small, the floorplan has a huge impact on the final design. To create a space that works best for you, consider the number and types of people who will use it. In addition to the primary cooks, think about anyone else who helps with cooking and cleaning. Factor in any special needs, such as mobility issues or food allergies.

Often, kitchen remodeling begins with the removal of existing drywall to expose the structural framing. Then, plumbing and electrical upgrades can take place. If the scope of the remodel is major, it may also require a change to the home’s breaker box or even building an addition to accommodate changes to the layout.

The kitchen remodeling costs you may incur depend on the size of your project and the level of luxury you desire. Many pros divide kitchen remodels into categories called minor and major, with the former referring to cosmetic upgrades and the latter involving construction and floor plan rearrangement. To help keep your kitchen remodel costs in line, choose materials and finishes that are both beautiful and durable. Using a designer can help you narrow down your choices and make the most of your budget. It’s a good idea to save images that reflect your style preferences in a file so you can share them with the professionals assisting you. They can help you determine which changes are non-negotiable and what you may want to scale back later.


Cabinets are one of the largest expenses in a kitchen remodel, but they also offer an opportunity to make your space look amazing. A professional designer can help you choose from a wide range of colors and styles, including sleek contemporary options or traditional designs that incorporate moldings like crowns and baseboards. They can also introduce special features that enhance functionality.

For example, many homeowners now want pullout drawers for trash and recycling so they don’t have to jam a bin under the sink. And they often add an appliance garage, which is a large cabinet that’s installed at counter height and can be used to hide items like toasters and coffee makers.

Other must-haves include a deep drawer instead of just a shelf and dividers or pullout storage for frequently used items. Shelving can be built to accommodate stacked cookware, while a lazy susan turntable can save space in corner cabinets by allowing the user to simply spin the platform to bring items to the front.

If you’re happy with your cabinet locations and functionality but are unhappy with their appearance, a pro can repaint them with a fresh coat of durable finish. Just be sure to prep the surfaces properly first, sanding rough areas and filling nail holes. You’ll also want to opt for semi-gloss paint on trim and satin or eggshell on walls.


The countertops are one of the most prominent features of your kitchen, and they can also set the tone for the room. Upgrading them is usually among the biggest costs of any kitchen remodel, but it’s well worth the investment. Today’s popular options include quartz in clean white hues, concrete that provides a warm and industrial aesthetic, and wood counters that bring natural beauty to the space.

Other durable and hygienic choices include recycled glass, which is embedded in clear acrylic or concrete and offers a stunning range of colors, from crisp neutrals to confetti-like shards of colorful glass. Silestone is another upscale choice that comes in an amazing array of looks that convincingly mimic the natural variegation of marble and other high-end materials that are more susceptible to staining and scratches.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, plastic laminate counters are available in pre-fabricated sheets at lumberyards and home centers. They’re available in a wide variety of textures and colors, but they won’t add much resale value to your home.

Another countertop trend is raw edge stone, which involves chiseling the edges of a natural stone slab to create a ragged, albeit uniform, look. This style complements rustic and country decor while introducing a natural texture to contemporary kitchens. Another unique design is terrazzo, which is created by mixing cement with colorful pieces of recycled granite, marble, glass, and other materials.


The right appliances can make all the difference when it comes to your kitchen’s functionality. Choosing major appliances with styles that match their performance will add sophistication and convenience to the room. They can also help you save on energy costs. Stainless steel has long been the popular choice, but homeowners are now opting for matte black finishes with elevated accents. Some even choose to go two-tone on the appliances to create a more modern and interesting look.

For the ultimate in kitchen convenience, consider a three-in-one tap that provides hot, cold, and steaming water. This can make preparing meals and cleaning dishes faster and more efficient. It’s a great addition to any kitchen.

Another way to improve the function of your kitchen is by installing a built-in storage solution that allows you to organize and store everything in one place. This includes paper towel holders, spice racks, and more. A kitchen remodel is a perfect opportunity to upgrade these accessories.

A major kitchen remodeling project is a big commitment that requires extensive framing, plumbing, and electrical work. It’s important to have enough funds in your budget to cover these expenses and the cost of hiring a professional contractor to perform the labor. It’s also important to get the necessary permits before starting your kitchen remodel. A permit can save you money in the long run by ensuring that your kitchen remodel is done correctly and safely.


A kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where delicious food is cooked, enchanting drinks are served, and people gather for parties. It is also the room that gets the most foot traffic in the house, so it needs durable flooring that can withstand spills and general wear and tear. The best choice is tile, laminate, or waterproof vinyl.

If you plan on doing a full-scale remodel, it is important to work with a contractor to come up with a design that suits your tastes and functions. Make a list of what you want to change and what is non-negotiable for your overall vision. This will help you budget for your project.

The actual construction begins once the design is finalized and materials are purchased. It will likely involve some demolition to accommodate the new layout, and utilities will need to be relocated or rerouted. This can include upgrading the home’s service panel, adding a subpanel, or modifying the heating and cooling system.

Once the construction is complete, it’s time to install the cabinets, countertops, and flooring. JSB is experienced in this type of construction and can make your remodeling job as painless as possible. Kitchen remodels are a big investment, but they add value to the home and increase functionality for the entire household. Some remodels also address safety issues by adding GFCI outlets and moving electrical outlets away from water sources to reduce the risk of electrocution.


A well-lit kitchen is key to a successful remodel. Adding recessed lighting or LED under-cabinet lights is a simple way to add more light to your kitchen. A dimmer switch is also an excellent addition to give you the control you need. If you want to go the extra mile, consider installing a ceiling fixture like a chandelier or a set of pendant fixtures. Just make sure that you install the junction box and recessed light before you purchase the actual fixture.

One of the main reasons for kitchen remodeling is to make your home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The good news is that there are many eco-friendly upgrades you can make while remodeling your kitchen, such as replacing light bulbs with LED models that use about 70% less electricity than traditional ones. Other energy-efficient upgrades include installing low-flow faucets to decrease water usage and a tankless hot water system that provides hot water on demand.

Kitchens are also an ideal place to implement universal design features that make the space more accessible for disabled or elderly individuals. You can do this by upgrading to stylish accessible appliances, turning cabinets into open shelving, or adding a roll-in shower with grab bars and a wheelchair-accessible seat. You can even add safety features like slip-resistant flooring and a fire extinguisher storage space. By integrating these accessibility features into your kitchen remodel, you can create a more comfortable and welcoming space for everyone.