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Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas

kitchen backsplash tile ideas

A kitchen backsplash is an inexpensive way to transform the look and feel of your kitchen. So rather than just wearing yourself out by obsessing over the so-called ‘nitty-gritty,’ give yourself a treat with the 10 stunning backsplash tile ideas, which will most likely make your kitchen really stand out. Modern kitchens are highly technical havens which often combine granite, stainless steel appliances with wooden or plastic countertops. But that kind of design has been around for such a long time now, that it’s not really new anymore!


For a great contemporary feel, try combining bold, textured and colorful tiles on a warm color palette. Bright colors like red, orange, yellow and green are all great choices for bringing life to your kitchen backsplash. The cool thing about these colors is that they don’t necessarily need to be hot colors such as red or orange. You can even get away with using warmer colors such as coral, turquoise and pink. Just be sure to pick light colored tiles for contrast and to balance the tile color.


Another great backsplash ideas is to use contrasting tiles. This works especially well if you have a very modern looking kitchen. If you have a nice stainless steel or copper sink, try incorporating matching stainless steel or copper tiles on top of one another. You can do this using warm colors too, such as yellows, oranges and browns. It’s fun to experiment with different textures and hues.


For a truly custom kitchen backsplash, there are a variety of natural materials that you can use. Granite, limestone, concrete and even stone can all work beautifully in your kitchen. One thing you want to avoid is using any natural materials that have high acidity levels. This can cause damage to your walls and counter tops over time. Stick to materials such as granite or limestone that are low in acid.


Mosaic tiles are a popular choice for backsplashes. They are made by grinding together pieces of glass and plastic. Then they are sealed in a process called fusing. The result is a tile that has glass fibers in its face and underneath. These fibers give this back splash beautiful color and are often used on countertops and fireplace mantels.


Homeowners who are concerned about adding beauty but also want their home to be highly durable should consider ceramic tile backsplashes. This material is created through the heating of ceramic chips until they become soft enough to mold into different shapes. After they harden, you can then lay them in the molds and create the look you want. This type of splash is great if you want a ceramic tile countertop or fireplace surround. It is also great for adding color to a wall.


Glass is also one of the most popular materials used in kitchen backsplash projects. The reason why it’s so popular is that it looks sleek and modern. Because it is still possible to use glass with a modern feel, it works well with stainless steel appliances and other modern fixtures. However, if you like a more classic style, you may want to stick with stone. It is often used to create a more organic look that fits in with other more traditional designs.


Using natural stone for your backsplash is a great way to add color but still maintains a modern flair. Because it is so durable, grout lines are not necessary to keep the stones in place. This means that you don’t need to worry about a sloppy application of grout when using porcelain tiles. With a little bit of imagination, you can create a backlash that is seamless and beautiful.